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Colors of the DMZ - South Korea 2019

Onsaemiro was an exhibition project that took place near the Demilitarized Zone in Korea, with Korean and international artists to research the Neutral zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea.

A personal report from my research and observations that show a poetic reflection of this area as a color chart or an imaginary map.  In Dutch there is a painterly expression for a landscape with a troubled history, it’s called "Schuldig Landschap”  which means something like "Guilty Landscape". It indicates a beautiful landscape where nevertheless terrible things have occurred. Although the landscape can only be innocent, there are many human traces and signs that show we enter a no go area or no-mans land. These traces and signs, carry the colors I found, between the yellow green rice fields and grey blue skies, the roadblocks, the monuments, the flags, the concrete and their camouflage.    All this things have their colors. This colors distracted from there origin become a silent emotional language which reflects the DMZ.   

Organisation: Shuroop Experimental Space UZ and Nine Dragon Heads Korea

01. Colors of the DMZ Pietertje van Splunter jpg.jpg